Battle Of Stockton Commemoration Event

Battle Of Stockton

On 10th September 1933 the British Union of Fascists attempted to hold a rally at Market Cross in Stockton-on-Tees.
Their leader, Oswald Mosley, was attempting to take advantage of the deprivation which blighted the area in order to gain a toehold in the north east. Using the standard fascist techniques of pleading to the patriotic instincts of those most badly let down by their country, while handing out scapegoats and easy answers, the BUF shipped in between 200 and 300 foot soldiers and marched from Thornaby to Stockton for the speeches.
They were met by locals who left them in no uncertain mind as to the future of Nazism on Teesside.
It became known as the Battle of Stockton.
It predates Cable Street, and Hull‘s Corporation Fields, by 3 years and on Sunday September 9th a special plaque will be unveiled in the town commemorating the events of that day, and those who stood in the way of Fascism before its true threat to this country was exposed by war.
I will be singing as part of this amazing event and remembering those who put life and limb on the line to not let them pass.
Given recent events up and down this land, this resonates with a newfound importance.
Please get there if you can.
¡No Pasaran!

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