With Banners Held High 2022

Fantastic afternoon in Wakefield at With Banners Held High. So great to see Working Class politics back on the streets and to hear those voices of defiance ringing out once again.

Locked away at home with only the telescreen spewing forth the daily bilge it is easy to feel isolated and deflated, but staring back along a line of banners raised proudly to the sky you are instantly reminded that we have strength, we have power, and we can absolutely do this.

Fantastic speeches from everyone, but especially moved by Daz Proctor, Vicky Blake and Sarah Woolley who smashed it.

Earlier I joined Heather Wood, Samantha Townsend, Lynn Gibson and Laura Lee Daly of the Women’s Banner Group on the march, immediately behind Sean Hoyle and Alan Mardghum and you cannot be in better company than that.

The Hatfield Brigade couldn’t make it, but I sang ‘Farewell Hatfield Main’ so they were there in spirit.

Gave em ‘Why Are You So Angry?’ early on, then we had a good old singalong to close the afternoon.

Brilliant event, and massive shout out to the organisers for helping put the wind back in a LOT of sails.

And so good to get a pic with two absolute legends of the movement, Anne Scargill and Betty Cook. Examples to all of us as to how you fight, and keep on fighting.

Fantastic day ✊

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