Park Street New Sleeve

The ‘Upstairs At Park Street’ album was recorded in three weekend sessions between August 1999 and February 2000, and was our only full-length release.
We wrote it as we went, and we mashed-up all our influences and inspirations, and built it with all the skills we’d learned in five years as the line-up of me on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dave Foy on backing vocals and lead guitar, Big E Miller on Bass, and Adrian Gill on drums and percussion.
In the end it was almost our last hurrah.
We pressed 100 copies, sold them and moved on.
By early 2001 we were no more.
It basically sat for two decades until we reformed earlier this year.
After numerous messages, and much deliberation, we decided to press it properly.
So Dave has done new artwork, Chris Miley has done a beautiful job of remastering it, and we’ve added five bonus tracks from our final session together which never made it to an official release.
It’s at the pressing plant now, so we should have them for the reform gigs and pre-orders will ship as soon as the boxes land at Solo Towers.
Impossible to say how excited I am that these songs are going to find a new audience so many years after we put heart and soul, and as it turned out, everything we had left into writing and recording them.
Hope you like em.

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