New Album: Never Let Them Win

Delighted to announce my new album, ‘Never Let Them Win’, will be released to stream/download via Bandcamp on Friday March 4th. There will be a pre-order option for CDs and the other streaming services will follow in April.

‘Never Let Them Win’ is 10 new songs which loosely use my own life to demonstrate how we reached this point in our socio-political history. In short, it is both personal and political.

The album features my long-time musical partner Rebekah Findlay on 6 of the 10 tracks, plus a massive collaboration featuring Carol Hodge on piano and a chorus of voices including Jess Silk, Daniel Lucas, Matt Hill, Johnny Campbell, Naomi Bedford, Paul Simmonds and Mark and Kirsty from Commoners Choir. It’s pretty special.

The cover art was designed by my Comrade-in-crayons Kevin Pearson based around the incredible photography of Jason Shipley and is probably worth the admission price on its own.

As ever, all money raised over the cost of pressing discs will be donated to We Shall Overcome causes through my WSO Solidarity Mission campaign. This will see it split three ways between Pauline Town, Mesopotamia Cafe in Nottingham and Hull Unity Shop.

It would be fantastic to have your support ✊

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