Hatfield Main Memorial Unveiling

Absolutely superb event today unveiling the Hatfield Main Memorial and Garden at Pit Club in Stainforth.

Historic, and rightly so.

Those who know me best know how proud I am to work with these loveable rogues whenever they’re making mischief, but today, seeing that memorial unveiled and the crowd there to see it, and the speeches…..let’s just say there was a fair bit of hay-fever about.

Singing at the ceremony was tough, nearly lost control of my bottom lip a couple of times, but I made it to the end. If they can do 12 months, I’m sure I can do 3 bloody minutes to pay tribute!

As I said through the mic, people like me travel the country talking about solidarity, but that community, and that memorial, they ARE solidarity. If you ever need inspiration drive down there, stand in front of it, and think how those lads and lasses gave everything fighting Neoliberalism before any of the rest of us even knew what it was.

I have nothing but love, admiration and respect.

Oh, and a few songs that take the piss. Hehe.

Great to see Paul and Lindsay Rutland, John Dunn, Tosh, Tony Peter Wright and the Scarborough posse Dave Griffiths, Sue Ward and Matilda and Eric Barnes. And of course Mick Lanaghan, Leslie Moore, Harry Harle, Norman Moore and Tracy Armstrong and Karl Lanaghan and Kerry Lanaghan and a hundred more folks who made a great day even greater.

And Neil Terry for these photos which I love. These memorials don’t just remember the past, they remind the present to fight for the future. And we ALL need some of that spirit. Fantastic day ✊

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