Live From T’Shed #2- No Pasaran!


Last night’s ‘Live From T’Shed #2’ raised a fantastic £1000 for Black Country Food Bank and I can’t thank you all enough for tuning in and supporting the event.

It was a night with my ‘No Pasaran’ album and the stories behind the songs, and the support I received from the first second was simply overwhelming. Live streaming is tough as a musician but you are making life in lockdown not only bearable, but a successful continuation of We Shall Overcome work we are currently unable to do with live gigs.

‘Live From T’Shed #3’ will take place on Saturday June 20th, and will be a performance of my Miner’s Strike album ‘Never Be Defeated’. I’m hooking up with the annual Orgreave Rally to present a day of speeches and music of which my live stream will be the evening session. Can’t wait.

If you missed the ‘No Pasaran’ stream, it is now available on YouTube here:

Thanks again everyone. Your support is keeping me going through these troubled times, and is helping me help others.


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