2018 Not On Our Watch
2017 The Future Needs Us Now
2016 Never Be Defeated
2015 Left Turn On Liberty Lane
2014 No Pasaran
2013 A Revolution In An Empty Room
2012 Fight The Good Fight Club
2012 Going Home: Music From Potter’s Field Vol II
2011 If Peel Street Could Talk
2010 Forwards Is Just Backwards In Reverse
2009 Music From Potter’s Field
2008 Me and Billy The Kid
2007 Strong At The Broken Places (NLA)
2006 Seaside Songs and Smalltown Stories (NLA)
2005 The Man Who Dreamed Of Fairyland (NLA)
2004 An Exile In Suburbia (NLA)


Here’s a look at the last few……


‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ was released on January 6th 2017 on CD and download. The album contains songs and poems written by Joe throughout a year of tumultuous change in politics and society at large and they combine a fear for where we may be heading and a hope that good sense, love and compassion will prevail. Once again the album features the fiddle and vocals of Rebekah Findlay, and this time out there’s also a duet with Joe’s long-time road buddy Daniel Lucas aka Boss Caine.

“If you care, then care out loud!” sings Joe on the album’s opener.

That sets the tone.

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NBD #1

‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ was completed on 6th October 2015. It can be streamed/downloaded/ordered on this link:


The songs tell the story of the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike through the eyes of the men and women of Stainforth and Dunscroft, South Yorkshire- The Hatfield Brigade.

Joe says:

“They could not have been written without the help and support of the community and thanks must go to everyone down there for telling it like it is. Special thanks to Mick Lanaghan, Will Moore, Tony Clegg, Les Moore, Carol Mccardle, Harry Harle, Neil Nij Hughes, Pat Dignan, Sheena Moore and Dave Douglass for stories and speeches, loans of archive footage and documentaries, phone calls and email threads, and most of all for their comradeship and inspiration.”

The album is dedicated to all striking miners and their families who gave up so much for so long and deserved better.


‘LEFT TURN ON LIBERTY LANE’ was released in January 2015 and contains songs about the people and places, the history and the folklore which all add up to make us who we are. It was written as an antithesis to the Neo-Liberal agenda of ‘social mobility’ and ‘aspiration’, concepts designed to make us believe our true lives belong somewhere other than the places we belong and the neighbours, family and friends who make up our communities. The album is available on download/CD from:


Album CD

‘NO PASARAN!’ Is perhaps Joe’s most enduring album to date. It was originally released in January 2014 and has since been re-pressed. Here’s how it happened:

“Midnight one Friday in 1937 found me and four more Yorkshire comrades boarding a train at Sheffield bound for London on the first leg of our journey to Spain.”

So begins ‘Pounded Earth’, Tommy James’ account of being a volunteer for the International Brigades fighting the fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

And so began this album.

Besides Tommy, one of the other men was Jack Atkinson, a lorry driver from Hull who told his mother he was going to drive ambulances; a third was “Arnold, a comrade from Leeds.” The other two are not named, but I called them Harry Jones and Bill Palmer, and, together with details from Tommy’s book, stories from Jack’s surviving family, and a pile of text books, I set about trying to write their journey through Spain.

This album is about friendship, trust, war, political conviction, and how our deeds live on long after we are dust.

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The title track has also been included on two compilation albums. The first in aid of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign:


and the second for Hope Not Hate:


All four of the above albums feature songs made in collaboration with Rebekah Findlay. Rebekah plays violin and sings on ten tracks which many consider Joe’s best. For those of you who prefer his stomp-and-growl to be tempered with some genuine musicality a download-only compilation is available at:



Rebekah Findlay currently has two albums available in her own right. For more information click on:


Other Joe Solo albums currently in print are:

A Revolution In An Empty Room (2013)

Fight The Good Fight Club (2012)

Going Home: Music From Potter’s Field Vol II (2012)

If Peel Street Could Talk (2011)

Forwards is Just Backwards in Reverse (2010)

Music From Potter’s Field (2009)

All are available at: