2022 Fight The Good Fight Club Revisited EP 
2022 Never Let Them Win
2021 A Northern Coastal Town
2021 A Northern Soul
2020 Keep On Fighting
2020 No Pasaran: Special Edition
2020 We Shall Overcome EP
2019 Never Be Defeated- Special Edition
2019 Headscarves & Hurricanes
2019 The Past Won’t Last Forever EP
2018 Not On Our Watch
2017 The Future Needs Us Now
2016 Never Be Defeated
2015 Left Turn On Liberty Lane
2014 No Pasaran
2013 A Revolution In An Empty Room
2012 Fight The Good Fight Club
2012 Going Home: Music From Potter’s Field Vol II
2011 If Peel Street Could Talk
2010 Forwards Is Just Backwards In Reverse
2009 Music From Potter’s Field
2008 Me and Billy The Kid
2007 Strong At The Broken Places (NLA)
2006 Seaside Songs and Smalltown Stories (NLA)
2005 The Man Who Dreamed Of Fairyland (NLA)
2004 An Exile In Suburbia (NLA)