Never Let Them Win

…. his songwriting just gets better and better: he writes northern soul on an acoustic guitar, and his perceptive, heartfelt and above all supremely intelligent words shine in every song. Joe is a true working class intellectual.” – Attila The Stockbroker in The Morning Star

If you want to know what Punk really is, then this is the place to start and finish, never put yourself before anyone else, always fight for the right to be human and definitely keep the fascists on the back foot. Joe is a real life man of the people.” – *****

There’s a line that can be drawn from Woody Guthrie to The Clash, and it is between these two reference points that Joe Solo sits. A protest singer with a punk heart. A big punk heart…..This is what music can be. – Reservoir Droogs

You can bag a copy from or stream from any of your standard services.

Thanks for all your support, folks.

Very much appreciated x

One thought on “Never Let Them Win

  1. The bard of Scarborough, the finest lyricist breathing ,he has the gift for melody to rival anyone ,I want to but a book of his lyrics and poems ,because he is that good ,a proper booke


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