Lithium Joe were originally together between 1991-2001 playing well over 300 gigs and recording seven demo tapes, four EPs, an album and a mini-album before they left the stage.

It was a well-worn story. One you’ll have heard a thousand times. Band gets together, band tries hard, band gets nowhere, band drifts apart. Just played out over a decade of giving every last shred of everything we had.


Personally I was so broken by it I didn’t touch a guitar in 18 months and I thought that was it. It took four years before I could take to a stage again, because that ten years had smashed everything I was to pieces and left me shattered on the floor.

Yep. A familiar story.

Yet, like all good stories, it may well yet have a happy ending.


In January 2019 Lithium Joe got back together and played two very special gigs for We Shall Overcome.

ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE- The Station (free entry)

HULL- Adelphi

And we have the studio booked to record a new single ‘See You When I Get There’/Answer Machine’ in November 2022.

So watch this space.

Someone once said we were the best band they saw that never made it.

Yeah, well we haven’t finished yet.

LJ Selfie Sep 2019

Band Chip