Durham Miner’s Gala 2019

Saturday saw 300,000 of us gather in Durham for the Big Meeting, on what is up there with my favourite days of the year.

I once more marched with the Hatfield Brigade, an honour in itself, but made a hundred times more so by being handed a pole and asked to carry that incredible symbol of Working Class solidarity and defiance, the Hatfield Main banner.

So good to meet comrades from up and down the land and share a day celebrating everything we spend the rest of the year fighting for.

Especially great to catch up with the inspirational Mike Jackson of LGSM, who marched directly in front of us, with Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign comrades just in front of them.

A great day in the finest of company.

The speeches weren’t bad neither!

Especially Laura Pidcock, who SMASHED it.

I dropped into People’s Bookshop on my way back through town and gave them a rendition of ‘With Banners Held High’, which pretty much sums up what being handed that pole by the Hatfield Brigade had meant to me.


Amazing day.

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