On The Campaign Trail


That’s me done in for another weekend. Massive thank you to everyone who came out to the gigs and cheered, sang and hollered putting a bit of spirit back into the world.
We need that more than ever.
So I hit Liverpool on Friday to help raise funds for Everton Ward Labour Party and Medical Aid for Palestinians and a huge thank you to William Huskisson for inviting me over to the city that will always be my second home. If everywhere in this country had Liverpool’s spirit the Tories would be finished.
Then Saturday I hit Haxey Memorial Hall for A Musicians Against Homelessness event organised by Neil Sanderson and full of exactly that same spirit, folks coming together so that no-one gets left behind. Absolutely brilliant night among amazing people.
And this morning I recorded my 2019 General Election song, a reworked update on ‘Let’s Kick Out The Tories (For Once And For All)’ which you can stream or download here:
I’ve got The Joe Solo Show on Coast and County Radio tomorrow night from 10pm, then it’s getting ready for my last London gig of the year on Saturday, a PCS Culture Group benefit at The Betsey Trotwood organised by Poetry on the Picket Line.
In between there should be a frantic parcelling session as the new #LithiumJoe albums should be arriving soon.
Keep going, folks.
We are the life of the fight.
Tina Sherwood 2

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