I just wanted to post my heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the ‘Save T’Shed Appeal’ over the Summer. Here’s a final update on what is an incredible transformation.

As you know, T’Shed is more than any old outbuilding, it’s my rehearsal room, recording studio, and since March, my only venue. Sadly, after years of neglect and more than a few makeshift repairs, she began to leak significantly in more than 30 places and the main beam in the roof snapped threatening to collapse the whole thing. I propped it up as best I could and carried on through the cold, the damp, the mould, and the imminent danger, because I had nowhere else to play and not enough money to fix it.

Then slowly the other struts in the roof began to bend under the extra strain, and my hand was forced.

So we ran an appeal at ‘Live From T’Shed #4’ and the rest I’m delighted to say, is history.

Thanks to the incredible skills and work ethic of Mark and Alfie McKay, we went from this…

Through this…..

And a little bit of this….

Plus a little of this….

To this….

It truly is an INCREDIBLE transformation, and thanks to your solidarity and the amazing work put in by Mark and Alfie, I am now warm and dry and safe, and surrounded by inspiration.

So I guess it must be time for a new album.

I cannot begin to describe the joy and relief this has brought me, and as soon as we are able I’ll be out there saying thank you the only way I know how.

And that is a promise.

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