Live From T’Shed #2- No Pasaran

The next ‘Live From T’Shed’ gig will be a performance of my ‘No Pasaran’ album on Saturday May 16th from 8pm sharp.

Rather than just play gigs repeating the same songs I want to use lockdown to mix it up a bit and play songs that don’t make a standard setlist, and the three history albums- ‘No Pasaran’, ‘Never Be Defeated’ and ‘Headscarves and Hurricanes’- are individual gigs, each with a back story ripe for the telling. ‘No Pasaran’ is first up.

To watch this, and ALL ‘Live From T’Shed’ gigs, you need to join the Facebook group:

and be there at 8pm on the 16th.


And yes, I will be playing the bonus tracks on the Special Edition reissue.

The gig is raising donations for Black Country Food Bank and there’s a dedicated GoFundMe page here:

See you there ✊❤️👊

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