Live From T’Shed #1- STORMED IT.


Last night’s ‘Live From T’Shed’ fundraiser was amazing, a truly memorable night that no-one was at but everyone was there.

I spent 2 hours and 47 minutes singing songs going back 29 years, all requests from you lot, and many way off my beaten track in terms of gig set lists. I absolutely loved every last second and the 1400 comments on the Facebook thread suggested I wasn’t the only one.

More importantly we smashed it for the cause.

My replacement laptop long ago covered by the fantastic response from you guys, on the night we raised £1435 for Mesopotamia Cafe in Nottingham whose community outreach work is feeding up to 300 families a week; and the merch sales inspired by the gig pushed this week’s #LockdownSolidarity total to £540 for Dundee Food Bank.


Here’s some of the feedback:

It was such quality. There are a million and one livestreams out there at the moment, and some of them are very good and some of them are utter shite (like real life gigs), but that was as close as it gets to reconstructing an actual emotional-engaged gig. Whereas you’d normally get 30-40 mins, we got best part of three hours of pure storytelling gold. I have no idea how Joe managed to replicate an audience relationship built on emotion, through the medium of livestream, but fuck me he did. That was something powerful and meaningful and spot on right there. Superb.”

Next ‘Live From T’Shed’ gig will be a performance of the ‘No Pasaran’ album from 8pm on Saturday May 16th where we’ll be raising funds for Black Country Food Bank. 

#LockdownSolidarity this week will be supporting The Florrie in Liverpool. All merch is included so PLEASE bag a CD, download or t-shirt from Bandcamp and all money will be donated to The Florrie next weekend.

And if you want to watch my ‘Live From T’Shed’ gigs, just join the Facebook group at:

Last night’s live stream is there to catch-up.

Thanks for your continued support, folks. Never has it mattered more.

No Pasaran Poster



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