Since 2013 I have collaborated with my incredibly talented comrade-in-crayons Kevin Pearson to create a series of children’s books around issues of equality and inclusion. These were produced in association with Unison and have been printed in the tens of thousands for schools, libraries, museums, exhibitions and live events.

So far we have:

‘The Night Before Christmas’– for children spending the festive season in hospital.

‘Pride’– a message of love in its many colours.

‘The History Teacher’– a school lesson unlike any other.

‘Together We Are Strong’– learning the power of unity in a school playground.

‘I Can Do This’– a refusal to accept exclusion from life because of a disability.

and we have three more in the pipeline, so watch this space.

To look them up click:

The journey began with ‘Swell’ back in 2013. This was a story based on what I would tell my kids about the overrated notion that dinosaurs were extinct. It was fun, and it raised a lot of money for local causes. The remaining copies are being handed to children of homeless parents and refugees, hopefully helping them find a smile in their struggles and imagine better times ahead.

It is important that young imaginations are fed with hope and ideas, and not shut down by despair.

We’re on it.