‘SWELL’ is a children’s book Joe wrote with graffiti-artist Kevin Pearson to help raise money for The Blue Door, a drop-in centre for victims of domestic violence and abuse in Scunthorpe. Joe wrote the words and Kevin illustrated, and you can listen to audio/purchase on this link:

‘SWELL’ has also raised money to help keep The Warren Young People’s Project open in Hull. The Warren gave Joe plenty of studio time back in the 90’s when his band Lithium Joe were strapped for cash, and he was delighted to have the opportunity to give them something in return.

You can find out about The Warren here:

and The Blue Door, here:

Christmas 2019 saw Joe and Kevin launch ‘The Night Before Christmas’ in collaboration with Unison. The book was given away to children in hospital over the festive season and was handed out during our annual carol singsong with the Unison Elves.
More stuff is in the pipeline, but for now, sit back and enjoy the heartwarming tale of….
A bee woke up one morning
Grabbed his overalls and cap
And tried, and tried, and tried, and tried
But his wings just wouldn’t flap
The other bees were mean and told him:
“You’re not one of us!
Whoever heard of such a thing
As a bee who couldn’t buzz?”
So sadly he climbed from the hive
As he heard others say:
“A bee who cannot fly to work
Is only in the way!
After all, he’s just a ball
Of black and yellow fuzz!”
And they flew off and left him there
The bee who couldn’t buzz.
He’d not gone far when someone called out:
“HELP!” in stricken grief.
“I’m the Snail Who Failed!” He cried.
“I’m stranded on this leaf.
The other snails all left me
Could you help me, could you Cuz?”
“I’ll try,” He said, and try he did
The bee who couldn’t buzz.
And on our hero wandered
Many lives he saved that day
From the Beetle who was blinded
To the Worm who’d lost his way.
He came to see he was much more
Than black and yellow fuzz
For many needed what he gave,
The bee who couldn’t buzz.
The moral of this story
Is that life is like a song
Some of us we write the tune,
And some, we sing along.
No-one’s ever born to do
What everybody does
So make your own adventure
Like the bee who couldn’t buzz.