First review of the new album from the excellent Reservoir Droogs page on Facebook.

Joe Solo – “Never Let Them Win”

There’s a line that can be drawn from Woody Guthrie to The Clash, and it is between these two reference points that Joe Solo sits. A protest singer with a punk heart. A big punk heart.

His grassroots support of worthy causes is fast becoming legendary, but it’s to his credit as a songwriter, a performer, that his music doesn’t sit in the shadow of his activism. Rather it has a direct symbiotic link. And you can hear that evidenced on every track of his latest album Never Let them Win.

The social commentary on display is a nail on the head response to so much that is going in our communities, but beyond that it is the heart on sleeve passion that underlines every word from his lips, every chord that is struck, that lifts this album from being a very good example of protest folk punk to another level entirely.

There’s quite simply nothing disposable about this selection of songs.

Listening to it I’m of a mind to say that it is a stone hitting the surface of the water and the ripples circling out will change lives.

It will quite literally change lives as profits from sales are going to a number of worthy causes, but it will also do it in the sense that the material will serve as a catalyst for further thought that can then lead to activism.

For someone somewhere they will listen to this and it will matter. They may have reached a fork in the road in their lives and this album could be the signpost that directs them down the path towards becoming a more socially conscious member of society.

And that benefits us all.

This is what music can be. There’s a place for light fun, but we need this too.

This guitar brings communities together.

Well done Joe. Well done indeed.

For the uninitiated start here and work back.

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