THIS SATURDAY- Live From T’Shed!!!

Live with times

This Saturday I’ll be live streaming a two-hour set from t’shed from 8pm sharp, and I’d love it if you can make it.

Easy to get in. You just join the Facebook group HERE:

and be ready for an all-requests show going back through almost 30 years of my songbook. It will be quite an emotional journey and I’m proper looking forward to it.

The gig will be raising donations for Mesopotamia Cafe in Nottingham as part of We Shall Overcome #WSO2020. Rachel and the team there provide vital grassroots community outreach work there putting together 300 emergency food parcels per week.

You can donate here:

or here:

But most of all please support the gig and interact with likes and comments. And if you want a shout-out let me know during the set.

Can’t wait.



3 thoughts on “THIS SATURDAY- Live From T’Shed!!!

  1. Morning joe and your team,I discovered your music not long ago ,I have a couple of your very fine and moving CDs and I want to purchase some more and give a donation of coarse ,I’m not techy and don’t have a pal thing ,I’m an analogue man,I just need an address and who do I write out the cheque to that’s all if you can accommodate me I’d much appreciate it , I would like to buy never be defeated and headscarves and hurricanes,and a fiver to the cause if that’s OK with you. And thank you so much for doing what you do it’s more important than you realise !

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      1. I’m not sure ,I think I tried to buy some of your music and make a donation ,but it was pay pal and I’d don’t do that ,I would be bankrupt if I did ,,I wanted an adress or a phone number for a credit card ,so I eventually went to a friend of mind I gave him the money and a pint of beer ,they arrived today ,I’m very pleased indeed fantastic,the feeling and passion bathes my studio ,so when I’m working on complicated 3D painting ,it keeps my feeling consistant,for what it worth I do political paintings,more international than joes but somebody’s got to do it,I hope over time to build up my collection of joes music ,I had ,if peel street could talk ,and no Pasaran ,so I’ve got eight now
        I’m very pleased your doing what you do because you do it so very well,the passion is palpable
        Yours Sincerely graham lewinton


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