WSO Fight The Good Fight Club



New Wednesday night live stream music club starting August 5th.

Each week from 9pm we will introduce an artist who has helped support We Shall Overcome, only this time out we will be helping to support THEM.

As Lockdown continues for musicians we wanted to put together a regular night where instead of gigging for a cause as we are forever asking them to do, we ask for donations to help support them through these desperate days. So there’ll be links to throw in a few quid as they play, and opportunities to chat on the threads afterwards and to share links to merch.

I’m playing the first one on August 5th to raise money for Help Musicians UK and to introduce the night itself. After that the next three will feature Jess Silk, Bedford And Simmonds and Calum Baird.

Join the group and help us support those who have done so much for WSO.


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