#LockdownSolidarity Smashes It

#LockdownSolidarity the massive merch giveaway I started soon after Covid killed the gigs smashed £10,000 raised a couple of weeks ago so it’s worth taking stock with what has happened.

Here’s my Facebook post tonight….

Every once in a while it is worth taking stock of what has been achieved with your incredible support during Covid.

We kept Pauline Town going for the year thanks to WSO Isolation Festival on Easter Saturday.

We raised more than £2000 so far for Hull Help For Refugees with you sponsoring my daily mile.

We’ve helped support WSO musicians through WSO Fight The Good Fight Club.

And there’s #lockdownsolidarity.

Here are the totals so far.

WK1 £125 for Mesopotamia Cafe in Nottingham
WK2 £130 for Teardrops in St. Helens
WK3 £540 for Dundee Food Bank
WK4 £532 for The Florrie in Liverpool
WK5 £501 for East Worthing Food Bank
WK6 £335 for Help The Homeless in Glastonbury
WK7 £346 for Kitchen For Everyone in York
WK8 £915 for Feed Newport
WK9 £635 for LoveGlasgowHateRacism
WK10 £453 for DN7 Food Bank
WK11 £713 for East Durham Trust
WK12 £630 for Unity Shop in Hull
WK13 £462 for Tommy’s Kitchen in E17
WK14 £448 for IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service)
WK15 £450 for Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank
WK16 £350 for One Heart in Bangor
WK17 £430 for Leeds South and East Food Bank
WK18 £400 for the Tony Smith Solidarity Fund
WK19 £330 for Little Sprouts Health and Well-being in Stockton-on-Tees. WK20 £364 for We Are One in Grimsby
WK21 £323 for Furness Refugee Support
WK22 £175 Helping Hands in Bournemouth
WK23 £238 for Fans Supporting Foodbanks
WK24 £143 for PCS Tate Commerce Strike Fund
WK25 £230 for Women Shall Overcome in Widnes
WK26 £110 for We Shall Overcome Sussex/Leeds
WK27 £240 for The Welcome Centre in Huddersfield.

on top of that #RefugeeSolidarity has managed…

WK1 £100 for Sea-Watch and Furness Refugee Support
WK2 £166 for Sea-Watch and Care4Calais
WK3 £155 for Sea-Watch and Safe Passage
WK4 £160 for Sea-Watch and Hull Help For Refugees.
WK5 £85 for Sea-Watch.

Plus we have hat-matched more than 20 beanie hats for WSO Homeless Outreach from sales of the new Joe Solo woolie hat.

And the £5500 raised from the Live From T’Shed gigs.

……and I haven’t forgotten you got me back online when my laptop blew and re-roofed t’shed digging me out of two crises of my own.

More than six months and still no end in sight, but I won’t let up until we see the other side of Covid.

Thanks for your incredible support so far.
Solidarity Joe

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