#LockdownSolidarity Now Indefinite

I always said #lockdownsolidarity would continue until we were able to gig again and I could do what I do in person; but it is becoming increasingly clear that not only is that a long way off, but owing to the government effectively throwing the grassroots music scene under the bus, the world we eventually return to will be a very difficult place to run fundraising events just when they will be needed most.

With this in mind Lockdown Solidarity will continue indefinitely.

Every Sunday I will shift cause and attempt to spread it around as I have this last 18 weeks, because it must be clear to everyone now, we are at the start of a very long journey through the aftermath of Covid-19, and millions will carry its burden for years to come; and while it might be a bottomless pit I’m shovelling merch money into on a weekly basis, I have to do SOMETHING because something has to be done.

So proud to be working with Hull and District Trades Council on the new Unity Shop; and with my brothers and sisters at We Shall Overcome who will continue to innovate and inspire in whatever form the live music scene allows (and no doubt some forms it doesn’t) including our WSO Fight The Good Fight Club supporting the musicians who support us. Grassroots organising is going to become an increasingly vital tool over the coming years, and we will be there on the frontline as per.

The knock-on effect of giving all merch money away is that Joe Solo releases will become streaming and download only for the foreseeable future. There will be a vinyl compilation of my work with Rebekah Findlay, which will hopefully be crowdfunded, but after that the songs sell so little there’s no real point in physical formats anymore- they cost money, and that money would be better spent helping folks.

And helping folks is what I will spend the rest of my days doing. A virus on top of decades of appalling leadership, corruption and greed have sealed that fate.

But f*** it. I’m good for it.

We fight til they lose.

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