We Shall OverRun 2021

Today saw the end of the #smileaday4pauline campaign, and tomorrow We Shall Overcome launches We Shall OverRun, a massive tag team relay bid to wrap our arms around the world, or in slightly less poetic terms, cover the 24,901 miles it will take to circumnavigate the globe.

We want as many people involved as possible, and here’s how you do it.

  1. You walk, run, swim, cycle, wheel, hobble or crawl for whatever distance you can manage; whether that be down the shops with the dog or a full scale marathon the distance is less important than your willingness to join in.
  2. When you’re done you post in the WSO: We Shall Overrun 2021 group on Facebook to let us know.
  3. You can share an optional selfie, or pic of something interesting you saw en route when you post.
  4. We add it to the total that day and put together a big post for the night collecting the pics and announcing that day’s total mileage and who clocked it up and how together with your pics.
  5. We gradually build it up to the 837 total at which point we have collectively travelled the distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats by road.

On each daily post we share the GoFundMe link and ask for donations.

If we get there really quickly, we turn round and do the 837 miles back again in the same way.

Remember, this is not an exclusive thing for marathon runners and fitness fanatics. This is an inclusive campaign to get everyone involved in something which will hopefully pull a lot of people together, make some money to keep Pauline going, and get us all a bit fitter in the process. So whether you cycle 30 miles of a weekend, or walk the dog to the end of the street it all counts so long as you can tell us how far you went. If all you can manage is to the front door and back, we will count that too. We want everyone to feel a part of it no matter how little the distance. As WSO has proved from day one, it all adds up.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far.

For those who haven’t yet, JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP!!

Let the madness begin x

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