WSO Isolation Festival- TOMORROW!!

Poster with Billy

At 11.45am tomorrow we kickstart #WSOisolationfest with a video tribute to our friend and brother Ste Goodall who left us last week. From there we have 12 hours of music and poetry from some of the UK’s finest, and it should be the perfect way to pass a Saturday in Lockdown Britain.

We are running the event to help Pauline Town through these dark days in one piece, ensuring those 80 packed lunches a day are still reaching street homeless in Greater Manchester, and her work at housing the most vulnerable can continue when we don’t have gigs to fund it; but we are also very aware that people need to spend some shared time with others, and just when we need the energy and inspiration of live music, we can’t get it.

So tomorrow is the tonic. We’ll be on it from 11am with a DJ set from Barnsley Sime, then the event proper follows at 11.45am.

It will take a lot of coffee, but I will be there keeping it rolling for the full shift.

Join us at:

You will be one of 20,000.

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