WSO Isolation Festival- UPGRADE!

Poster with Billy

WSO Isolation Festival, set to take place in the dedicated Facebook group on Saturday 11th April just got a major boost and the icing on its cake when Billy Bragg answered the call and added his name to an already stellar cast of performers.

I am so looking forward to this. It is taking every waking moment right now, but promises to be a really special day of togetherness, even if we are all miles apart. Quite aside from the fundraising aspect is the genuine need we have to share something together, a sensation the lockdown is set to deny us for many weeks to come. I’m hoping this will be a day we can all be normal again, a day to remember in a year to forget.

How it works

On the other side we have the GoFundMe page for #WSO2020 to keep Pauline Town going with her We Shall Overcome work over in Ashton-under-Lyne. As many of you will know, that incredible lady’s daily graft includes making 70 packed lunches for the local homeless community as well as working tirelessly to house those in desperate need of shelter. That is usually funded by gigs and donations, but the current circumstances mean this is impossible so we were forced to get creative and from that was born this festival.

You can help Pauline by donating here:

As a footnote I want to acknowledge the phenomenal contribution of Steve Nevard who has been selling #WSO2020 merch and festival t-shirts, so far raising an incredible £1500 for the cause. Steve has been forced to self-isolate with Covid-19 symptoms and I’d like to wish both he and his family a speedy recovery and send my love and solidarity in this worrying time x

As for the rest. SATURDAY 11th APRIL.

Join the group here:






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