Busiest 10 Days Of My Year

Joe 1

About to start the 10 busiest days of my year so far.
Tomorrow I’m filming my last ‘talking head’ stuff with Michael Lee Toas for the forthcoming documentary film about We Shall Overcome. Michael has been filming in various locations and interviewing lots of musicians, organisers and activists as well as those putting it into action on the front line of the grassroots fight against austerity. We’ll be looking to screen the finished film at WSO events around the country, so message me if you’re interested.
Friday and Saturday I’m locked in t’shed recording my Peterloo song ‘Many A Devil’ and working on the forthcoming EP ‘The Past Won’t Last Forever’.
Sunday I’m heading to Whitwell Community Centre to sing at Democracy Road Show.
Monday is The Joe Solo Show on Coast and County Radio from 10pm.
Tuesday and Wednesday admin catch-up for WE SHALL OVERCOME 2018.
Thursday I’m hauling north of the border to play Bannermans in Edinburgh with the legend that is TV Smith.
Friday daytime Rebekah Findlay is adding her magic fiddle to the forthcoming album ‘Headscarves and Hurricanes’.
Friday night I’m at Bolton Socialist Club for the postponed Political Desert Island Discs where I’ll be talking about the eight most influential songs in my life.
Saturday it’s Wigan Diggers Festival where I’ll be singing and receiving the amazing Winstanley Gold Spade Award for Outstanding Contribution to Socialism….which may involve a speech n’all so brace yourselves.
Then Sunday it’s the Battle Of Stockton commemorative event where I’ll be singing at Georgian Theatre to mark the 85th anniversary of the defeat of the Blackshirts on Teesside.
Monday, it’s back to work for a rest.
Keep up you lot.

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