Best of Luck to Labour!

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I would like to wish all Labour Party candidates the best of luck as Britain goes to the polls. The campaign has been inspirational, certainly the finest in living memory, and I truly believe the manifesto to be the most exciting political document of my lifetime.

The incredible work-rate of Jeremy Corbyn is unsurpassed in modern times, and having sung at these events and attended others as a member of the crowd, I can honestly say the atmosphere has been electric as people rise like lions from their slumber and are reminded how to roar.

Corbyn Scarborough

Pablo Neruda once wrote:

“They can cut all the flowers, but they can’t stop the Spring.”

And it is my belief that, whatever the result tomorrow, something has changed in Britain and we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the neo-liberal stranglehold that has choked our communities for far too long. I think the energy and inspiration Mr Corbyn has taken out into the country has planted seeds that will continue to grow. I believe this will be his legacy; that all those miles, all those speeches, will inspire hundreds of thousands of young people who go on to change the world; and I believe he will be remembered by the Labour Movement as the greatest of them all.

He has taken politics from the Westminster elite and given it back to The People.

Corbyn Leeds

I have loved playing a small part in this campaign from the songs and the gigs and the internet posts to the simple act of handing out stickers in town. Every last second has been a joy and I have met so many incredible people whose passion and commitment has in turn driven me to work harder and shout louder.

This is the Britain we can build. One where each inspires the other and we work together for the many and not the few.

Speaking of which….


Scarborough Labour Matilda

and lastly…..


I would ask you PLEASE go out and vote tomorrow. Whatever the weather; whatever your mates say; whatever lies the papers have told you; whatever the propaganda on the telly says; PLEASE put your cross in that box and #VoteLabour.

This is a turning point in history.

The future needs us now.

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