Joe and Corbyn BFAWU 2018

It was a great honour, pleasure and privilege to sing at the 100th Conference of the Baker’s Union, the BFAWU, and once again being Jeremy Corbyn‘s warm-up man.

Not that he needs one these days.

I spent a brilliant morning in the company of Harry and Terry from the Official Shrewsbury 24 Campaign before singing for conference and making way for the main act. There was a great spirit in the room and I am proud to be a card-carrying member of a genuine fighting union out there campaigning for a better, fairer country.

A massive thank you to BFAWU President Ian Hodson, and General Secretary Ronnie Draper, for their hospitality, solidarity and faith.

And I FINALLY got a photo with Mr Corbyn!

It has been a truly hectic couple of weeks with a trip south to Glastonwick Festival (mending Attila The Stockbroker‘s washing machine en route!) and dropping in at the fantastic Something To Smile About Festival near Doncaster the day after; then playing the historic Mechanics Institute in Manchester as part of the #TUC150 celebrations, opening for Oysters 3 in the very building which gave birth to the TUC a century and a half ago.

Next weekend I’m singing for my comrades in the RMT on Friday and playing the superb 0161 Festival. Then I’ve two gigs in Hull, one as part of Refugee Week at The Adelphi, and the other in Queens Gardens as part of the Engage For Change Festival.

Keep up you lot!

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