#WBHH2018 and Bolton Socialist Club- A Belter Of A Weekend


WBHH2018 7


Joe Guitar WBHH2018

Two cracking gigs this weekend- firstly for #LoveMusicHateRacism at the wonderful Bolton Socialist Club, and then With Banners Held High festival in Wakefield. Two very different gigs, but both uplifting in their own ways.

Bolton SC 2018

Much as I love a good shout, I’m very happy playing totally acoustic gigs in small rooms and performing some of the more subtle content of my songbook. Bolton Socialist Club was the perfect place for that, and I loved every second…..there’s also some pretty big news to follow, but that is another story for another blog.

And With Banners Held High, bathed in May sunshine, and in the finest of company, was an absolute blinder.

We need more days like this. To recharge the batteries, to remind ourselves what we’re fighting for, WHO we’re fighting for, and to share good times and a few beers TOGETHER.

Difficult to pick out highlights, but Quiet Loner singing ‘We Will Not Forget’ is always very special; Matt Abbott, on home turf, was outstanding; as was Jethro Platts, whose NHS poem is one of the most emotionally honest and beautifully crafted pieces of work ever; John Dunn, speaking for Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, was on top form; as was RMT President Sean Hoyle; and you can’t beat a bit of John McDonnell MP to put the wind in your sails for the drive home.

Great to put faces to names and shake the hands of heroes from unions and campaigning groups who are out there every day fighting for a better, fairer country.

It will always be a privilege to shout at you.


Massive thank you to the organisers of both events, and to the wonderful people who turned out to support them.

Right. Next stop Leeds on Friday, followed by Warrington on Saturday and Oldham on Sunday.

Keep up you lot!

WBHH2018 9

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