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My ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ album will be performed at two very special gigs over the coming weeks, both as part of We Shall Overcome.

The first is at Glossop Labour Club on Saturday 24th September where I’ll be joined by the fantastic Rebekah Findlay to perform the entire record front to back with support from me old mucker Johnny Campbell.defiance-sessions-nbd

The second is even more special as we’re taking those songs home. On Saturday October 8th Rebekah and myself will take the album back to Stainforth Pit Club and perform it for the Hatfield Brigade whose stories it tells. Food and cash donations for DN7 Food Bank are the admission fee- just what you can afford, no-one will be left out. The food bank serves the former pit villages of Stainforth, Dunscroft and Thorne reawakening the spirit of The Strike and making sure no-one goes without. I can’t think of a better place to spend WSO Saturday. Mint.


In between I’ll be singing at the Miner’s Pensions Rally at Derby Square in Liverpool from midday on Tuesday September 27th, supporting the campaign to end the theft of billions of pounds of their money by successive governments. Very proud to have been asked and I’ve written two new songs specifically for the event which I’ll debut in Glossop.


Be good to see you out there supporting both the miners and We Shall Overcome.

Long March Back

Hatfield Brigade Hat

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