NBD Special Edition

The crowdfunded double-CD souvenir special edition of ‘Never Be Defeated’ has landed and looks MAGNIFICENT.

It is being released on March 6th 2019 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Miner’s Strike, with ALL proceeds going to help the community whose stories the songs tell.

Pete Martin badge 2

I crowdfunded this release so that I was completely financially independent of it, meaning I could donate every penny raised without bankrupting myself. Half will go to the DN7 Hardship Fund set up by the Hatfield Brigade to help those in the local community struggling to make ends meet, to repay, as Les Moore calls it, a debt of honour from 84/85 when people rallied to their side the THEIR hour of need. The other half will be donated to the Save The Hatfield Main Headgear Campaign which is aiming to turn the last surviving headgear of the famous Doncaster coalfield into a lasting monument to a dead industry, and to turn it into a vital community resource to inspire a whole new generation.

Lindsay Team

The first 100 orders of the ‘Never Be Defeated: Special Edition’ will receive a ‘Solidarity Is A Way Of Life’ sticker, with our amazing crowdfunders also receiving a Hatfield Main 84/85 souvenir pin badge and an invitation to join the choir when we record our next song together later this year.

Matching t-shirts will follow soon.

You can pre-order the double-CD for £10 on this link:

All advance orders will ship to arrive on March 6th.

NBD Special Edition

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