Greenwich Theatre- What A Night!

Paul Rutland 1

A massive thank you to everyone who came along and packed out Greenwich Theatre on Sunday. It was a night I’ll never forget, and to sell-out my first ever London headline show means so much to me that I can hardly put it into words. Maybe the mile-wide smile on my face says it all for me.

So good to have the whole night to play with and be able to stretch my legs and gab and ‘do’ poems on top of the usual singing and ranting; and the credit must go to Peter and the team who managed to persuade me this could be done despite my initial reservations.

I honestly DID try to talk them out of it.

London is well off my beaten track and I wasn’t at all convinced there would be the interest in some ramshackle northern bloke with a maraca in his shoe, but apparently there is.

Ian Jones 2

It was great to travel down with Paul and Lindsay Rutland who were ace company and kept me laughing (and awake!); still in awe of the RMT Drinking Team represented with much enthusiasm by Sean Mcgowan and John Stewart; fantastic to meet up with Tom Millman, who I haven’t seen in 25 years; amazing to finally meet Raymond Gorman of That Petrol Emotion and The Everlasting Yeah! and shake the hand of a legend; so good to catch up with Chip and Nadia of Poetry On The Picket Line who do so much to highlight causes in the capital at all hours of the day and night; and overall, just damn fine to meet so many fantastic people and to shake so many hands.

After a couple of hours on stage and eleven at the wheel I was fit for very little yesterday, but I’m fully recovered and ready for Crewe on Friday.

The fight goes on.

And if anyone fancies Round Two, I’m back down in London at Walthamstow Folk Club on Sunday March 17th.

Be good to see you x


Pics: Paul Rutland and Ian Jones

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