No Pasaran tee

Brand new Album Sleeve t-shirts available now on my Bandcamp, but be quick!

We have ‘No Pasaran’, ‘Not On Our Watch’ and ‘The Future Needs Us Now’ shirts in sizes M, L, XL and XXL. All are black with large album sleeve logo.

Not On Tee

They cost £12 plus a bit of postage, and they ship within 2 working days.

Trouble is keeping them in stock. ‘No Pasaran’ sold out within two hours on Thursday night and a second order has been placed. The others are still available, but selling fast.

Cracking response. Made-up with it. Big thank you to those ordering and sharing selfies. Much appreciated.

Future tee

If you want one for yourself here are the links:

‘No Pasaran’ will show out of stock for a day or two, but keep checking, as the stock will arrive soon.

And here’s the amazing Pauline Town modelling at the ‘Headscarves & Hurricanes’ album launch yesterday.

Pauline Supermodel

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