2019: A Tempting Empty Page

Joe 1

So we stand once more on the imaginary precipice of another year, and as we kiss goodbye to the old one I’d like to wish each and every one of you all the best for the 12 months ahead. They may well come to define a generation.

We face challenging times for sure, but we must not let that turn us against ourselves.

We do that and we lose either way.

There are those who brought us to this point in history; and it is not simply those who voted a certain way in the EU Referendum but those who made our society so unfair, so unequal, so skewed in the favour of those at the top and for so long, that change became an absolute necessity. These are the people we should be directing our anger at; and yet if we continue down the path of 48% blaming 52% and vice versa, these same people are the only ones who will gain from it. We must unite and embrace whatever tomorrow brings TOGETHER. Only together can we build a future for ALL.

We need big hearts, yes, but big hearts alone are not enough.

Big hearts just mop up the mess after austerity, after casino capitalism, after those who put profit before all in our society. Those big hearts are essential, but we also need to fight back, to stand up for ourselves, to demand change and to support others in their various struggles to the same end. Only with both raised fists and helping hands can we move forward and beyond the current crisis. No change is coming. No good one anyway. Not unless we fight for it.

So 2019 may well be the most crucial year in our lifetimes. What happens, how it happens, and who pulls the strings will come to define us.

Let’s not be found wanting.

Tonight we celebrate.

Tomorrow we write the future on a tempting empty page.

Sharpen your pencils, folks.

And don’t be lost for words.




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