New Year Revolutions

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So from today ALL Joe Solo gigs will be WE SHALL OVERCOME gigs.
Anywhere and everywhere I play I will gratefully accept donations of food, warm clothing for #SocksAppeal, sanitary towels for #EndPeriodPoverty solidarity campaign, and anything else you think might help.
These will be divided up among a growing network of grassroots organisations desperate for help on the front line, and this year I am looking to extend that network.
Every £10 Joe Solo CD will be sold on the cast iron promise that £5 of your money will be going straight to Pauline Town to help fund her fight against poverty and homelessness from her base at The Station Hotel, Ashton-under-Lyne. The price increase last year to accommodate this has been a massive success in terms of being able to keep those food parcels going and help people off the streets, and I want to thank everyone who bought my music for directly helping and saving lives. It matters.
I will continue to support grassroots networks up and down the UK in fighting austerity and it’s devastating effects on our communities; in combating racism and fascism; in standing in the way of homophobia and transphobia; and in trying to build a future for ALL. And it starts from today.
I am one bloke with one guitar.
In the grand scheme of things I mean absolutely nothing.
But I am not alone.
There are more every passing year.
In 2019 We Shall Overcome will pass a THOUSAND events with a combined total of half a million quid of food, cash, clothing, bedding, furniture, electrical goods, footwear, tents and sleeping bags raised for those at the sharp end; and none of that was possible until the first person rocked up with a tin of beans.
So don’t sit there asking who is going to come along and change this land for the better.
The answer is, it’s YOU.

2 thoughts on “New Year Revolutions

  1. Hi Joe,

    Can you help us please? We’re trying to publicise our Bread and Roses Songwriting and Spoken Word Award, sponsored by the CWU and MU – see attached flyer. I’d be very grateful if you could share details in one of your posts, or direct to the grassroots organisations you’re in touch with, as our aims are exactly the same as yours!

    best wishes,

    Mike Quille Chief Editor and Chair Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd FCA Registration No: 4347 Registered office: 8 Moore Court, Newburn, Newcastle on Tyne NE15 8QE


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