This is what We Shall Overcome is all about, and together we will rise to the challenge.
On Saturday we’re launching my new album ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ at The Station in Ashton-under-Lyne, home of Big Sis Pauline Town. It was already pretty damn special because it is bringing together the original Gang of Five who started WSO back in May 2015- Stephen Goodall, Jamie Bramwell, Tony Peter Wright, Matt Hill and myself; together with the awesome Daniel Lucas aka Boss Caine, #Busk4TheHomeless pioneer GJ Armstrong and many more, BUT, now we have a very special cause.
The gig starts in the early afternoon and runs til late. We will be making food and clothing collections for the local homeless community, but there will also be a bucket on the bar and this bucket will be raising money to help rehouse a mother and two young children who are in desperate need of our help. They were given housing away from their family network and, isolated from help, were racially abused and fled. They took the only place on offer and have been living in appalling conditions and exploited by their landlord. The children have been made desperately ill by the damp and mould there and we are running this gig to get them rehoused. A place has come up and we are looking to raise the £950 needed to give them a fresh start.
Here’s how you can help.
1. Get to the gig and donate. It’s free to get in and I’m taking no fee or expenses so every single penny raised through donations will go to the cause.
2. Buy a CD when you get there. 50 copies of my album will be on the bar as a ‘pay what you can afford’, with every penny going to the cause.
3. If you can’t make the gig, download one of my albums on this link- and every penny will go to Pauline to help.
Easy. We can do this. We can break the cycle of despair and change three lives for the better.
This is fighting back. With guitar.

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