Album Launch…..Just WOW!


Hard to find the words, but suffice to say, we only went and did it. Thanks to the incredible generosity of you lot we raised well over the amount needed to rehouse two young mothers and their children and in the end helped eight people into new homes and out of danger. All from one gig, one pub, and the force of nature that is Big Sis Pauline Town.
Not only that, but no-one will be playing Pool at The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne for a little while after we rammed the room with donations of food and clothes and furniture all brought in by one amazing community, and the community within a community that is WE SHALL OVERCOME 2017.
Believe it or not, yesterday was the first time the original WSO Gang of Five had ever been in the same place at the same time, so catching meself, Stephen Goodall, Tony Peter Wright, Matt Hill and Jamie Bramwell on photograph felt like something monumental and will go down as one of the proudest moments of my life. We were then joined by Pauline, Val Colvin and Pete Yen making 8 of our current 9 committee members (Steve White you were much-missed comrade)…..these are photos I will treasure always.
And the gig? Well, brilliant performances from everyone involved. I watched in awe as people who have become more than friends and I now think of literally as family, blew the roof off The Station. The songwriting and stagecraft on display yesterday was awe-inspiring. Just mint.
So thanks to everyone who played, and to everyone who popped in and spent some time with us; to everyone who made a donation, and to all those who couldn’t afford to but came and lent us their voices in support. Thanks too to all those who travelled some hellish distances to be there…..from London (Peter Stefanovic it is always great to spend some time being inspired by your energy and dedication), Halton, Liverpool, Stockport, Barnsley, Glossop, Sheffield…..and many more. Amazing to have such great support on a day like yesterday.
But above all, thanks to Pauline, who has done so much for so many people and will be up and at em again already. You are the heart and soul of what WSO is all about, an inspiration to us all, and when the dust settles on what you have achieved we will not be able to count the number of people who owe you their lives. One at a time, Big Sis, one at a time.
So there we have it. ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ went out into the world in the way I hope it carries on, bringing people together to celebrate the best of humanity and changing lives for the better; but if yesterday is ALL it achieves, I’ll take it.
#WSO2017 Fighting back. With guitar.
On it.

One thought on “Album Launch…..Just WOW!

  1. Drivin back o’er ‘Snake’ to Sheffield last night in the dark and rain, we discussed just how much WSO gives those feelings that we all need from time to time.
    Feelings of genuine hope and confidence that things CAN be made better and that WE can all be a part of creating more equality and justice.
    The gig itself embelished that ethos, not just in the obvious enjoyment and in the show of unity, but in a more solid and unbreakable feeling of comradeship, belief and resilience.
    Of course it can be argued that we were simply experiencing the ‘feel good factor’ and were just still buzzing from a good night out, but, it’s far more than that because we’ve still felt like this all day, and do so everytime we read a Pauline Town blog and the subsequent good news they result in. We feel it with every WSO gig we hear about, and every song we hear from people like Joe Solo and Matt Hill, and the dozens of others who warm us with words and talent.
    Yesterday simply underlined what CAN BE ACHIEVABLE. And it means we look to the next injustice we can collectively put right, the next bad situation we can change for the better,and…..the next life we can save.
    Peace, Love n Respect.


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