‘Dare Devil Rides To Jarama’ Inspires New Song


After months of trying to fit it around music and work commitments I finally got to see Townsend Productions latest play ‘Dare Devil Rides To Jarama’ about the life and death of Clem Beckett.

Beckett was a speedway star and wall-of-death pioneer who helped unionize the sport to save lives and travelled Europe demonstrating the incredible bravery and skills which had him dubbed ‘Dare Devil Beckett’.

An active Communist he volunteered to fight the fascists in Spain and was killed alongside his friend, the poet Christopher Caudwell, at Suicide Hill in the Jarama Valley on 12th February 1937. The pair had held on to the last bullet covering the retreat of their comrades behind, and their actions helped save countless lives. Neil Gore’s amazing play has finally helped me keep a promise to ASLEF President Tosh McDonald who asked me to write a song about Beckett some months ago.

I would heartily recommend you catch the play before the tour ends.The remaining dates are here:



6th Clyde Bank Town Hall

7th Arthurstone Branch Library, Dundee

8th. Durham Miners Hall, Redhills, Durham

9th The Freedom Centre, Hull

10th  Tyneside Irish Centre, 43 Gallowgate Street, Newcastle

12th MAC, Birmingham

13th Applecart Arts London

14th Applecart Arts London

15th The Red and green Club, Huddersfield

16th The Met, Bury

17th Theatre, Colwyn

26th The Players Theatre, Thame

For more info on Clem Beckett, click here:


…..and to hear my new song ‘Adelante (The Ballad of Clem Beckett)’ click here:



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