NEW ALBUM: Available to Pre-order


****STOP PRESS****

‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’, my brand new album, has landed. I have…or rather I had….1048 copies here on CD ready to take out on the road in 2017 and they are available to pre-order on Bandcamp as of NOW. I mentioned this on Facebook last night and sold 50 copies before I went to bed which is unprecedented here at Solo Towers, so the early signs are very good indeed.

There’s nearly an hour of music and poetry making up this album and I hope you’ll find something on there to love.

The world seems to me to be at some kind of crossroads. There is much to be afraid of going into 2017 with an incompetent yet ever-vicious government steering the course; a rising tide of right wing hatred fuelled by a vindictive media narrative; the terms of Brexit being negotiated by the forces of self-interest and, of course, Trump; yet there is much to be hopeful for and I believe that compassion has never been closer to becoming  a major force in political decision-making despite the world being seemingly set against it.

All of this hope and doubt and anger and love is woven into every stitch of ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’.

You can pre-order a CD here:

and all orders will ship ready to land on or before the scheduled release date of 6th January 2017.

The download version will be available from that date, with all money raised going to help Pauline Town‘s network in Ashton-under-Lyne, fighting the effects of austerity at street level.

As ever, your support is greatly appreciated.

More info on the album and songs will follow in January, but suffice to say I am desperate to get this record out into the world.

Bring it on.

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