‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ is my brand new album released 6th January 2017 on CD and download. It follows hot on the trail of the award-winning ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ and is a record I am very proud of.

It’s hard to write these press release-type blogs, which just end up sounding pretentious and forced, so I’ll spare you the self-importance and hyperbole. If you want it, buy it. It’s on this link:

What I can tell you is that my heart and soul went into this record and it contains all my hope and all my despair; all my determination to make the world a better place; and all my anger at those who stand in the way. It was written to lift spirits because I refuse to believe we can’t win the day.

‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ is 18 songs and poems about where I am, where the country is, where it could be, and how we can ALL make it better.

It is a record about hope and humanity.

The big stuff.

I’d really like you to hear it.



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