Attila 5

I would just like to take the opportunity to say a MASSIVE Merry Christmas to all of you good people who have helped me along the road this year.

To everyone who cheered and sang and applauded; to everyone who shook and rattled and hollered; to everyone who booked and promoted; to everyone who ran lights and sound; who did artwork and posters; who took photos and film; to everyone who kept venues running against the odds; to everyone who had faith enough to run those festivals when they knew it was a gamble; to everyone who kept the faith in our politics and didn’t run and hide; to everyone who walked it like they talked it; to everyone who bought CDs; to everyone who downloaded; to everyone who watched the videos; who shared the links; who retweeted; who commented; who messaged when they knew I was down; who drove miles in the cold and rain to be there; who stood at our side during We Shall Overcome; who wrote articles and reviews; who donated food and cash and clothing and bedding and furniture; who offered lifts; who held out their hand; who hugged; who rebuilt; who slept in the cold for Pauline; who was there and wore the t-shirt; who couldn’t make it and STILL wore it; who cared enough to ask for help and then smashed it out of the ground.

ALL of you made magic happen this year; and because of you that magic will go on.

MERRY CHRISTMAS one and all.


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