Week 3: The Last Big Push!

We are into the final four days of this incredible journey, and although it has been a bumpy ride, I don’t think any of us could have imagined how far ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ would come in a few short weeks- from the telly to the tabloids, and almost everything in between.

Michael Lee Toas created a fantastic ‘Story Behind…’ video which you can watch above, and I did the narration to tell of how this amazing tale unfolded. This gave us a lift in a tricky week which brought with it several reminders of the scale of the task facing us, with the empty promises of politicians ringing loud in our ears.


That said, the Daily Mail hatchet job on Tosh McDonald and Jeremy Corbyn gave us something to laugh at midweek as an article which managed to tick just about every cliche from their anti-union manual for beginners dismissed our song as:

“….a seasonal socialist ditty about the miners.”

which, given the blatant lies and mis-truths making up the rest of this slur on the word ‘journalism’, was at least based on truth even if it managed to miss the point entirely. Still, as a wise man once said, you know you’ve made it when you **** off the Daily Mail.


So we enter the home straight with a skip in our step and hope in our hearts knowing we gave it our best shot and if that wasn’t good enough then so be it. We can only give you the best song we had and tell you where to get it, and if you don’t want it then that is how this whole sorry thing works. There is still time to help us on our way though, and remember, every penny we make goes to help folks struggling to make ends meet in #FoodBankBritain. Here’s your up to date list on where to download it:

and Spotify.
HELP US IF YOU CAN! And remember, you can always use the ‘Send as a gift’ option to buy it for friends and family. All you need is their email address and you can send them it too!
And, if you can spare a little more than a pound, we are running a JustGiving page alongside ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ raising money for the housing charity Shelter. You can donate to that here:
Other than that, THANK YOU to all who have supported us and stayed the course. We really do appreciate your help and encouragement.

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