WSO: #Busk4TheHomeless


Jamie Bramwell’s We Shall Overcome: #Busk4TheHomeless event ran up and down the country last Saturday, setting the tone for our assault on the politics of despair as we prepare for #WSO2017.

It brought us some incredible images via the lens of Warren Millar, and a heartwarming video which soon went viral…..


That’s Ste Goodall on that video, just off camera on the right…..all of this is his fault 😉

The event was a massive success and we plan another on Saturday January 28th, so if you can join in and bring YOUR town to the party get in touch via the website or the Facebook group….or email me at

Big thanks to Liverpool Live TV for their coverage. A great piece here:


Most of all a MASSIVE thank you to all the musicians, artists and activists who took to the streets to get the WSO message out there, and whose efforts got a lot of homeless people out of shop doorways and into hostels, at least for a couple of nights.

Amazing work everyone.

So proud to be a part of this amazing family.



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