Socks and Gloves Appeal Winter 2016

We Shall Overcome Tee 2016


Below is a list of my remaining gigs for 2016.
I have a special request. If you can find it in your hearts and pockets, could you please bring either thick socks or gloves along to these shows. They will be sent over to Ashton-under-Lyne for Pauline Town to distribute among rough sleepers as winter starts to bite. If you’ve ever slept rough, and thankfully I have had only a handful of nights out there in my life, you’ll know it’s the extremities that get you first, and if you can keep the worst of the cold off your hands and feet you can just about make it through the night.
This winter will be the worst for many suffering under austerity and far too many are forced on to the streets. We Shall Overcome is staying right on it all year in whatever way we can, and this is my request to the amazing people who come along and support the gigs.
If you could see your way clear to just one pair of either, new or used (though washed please 😉 ) then I’d be very grateful.
Here’s where to find me…
26th YORK– Fulford Arms (Sundown Sessions with Boss Caine & Rebekah Findlay)
30th STAINFORTH– Central WMC (Christmas Single Recording Session)
5th CAMBRIDGE– Golden Hind
11th LEEDS– Chemic Tavern (WSO Gig)
12th MIDDLESBROUGH– Little Theatre Club (WSO Gig)
26th SCUNTHORPE– Cafe INDIEpendent
29th WAKEFIELD#JC4PM Tour Event Unity Works Theatre
2nd SHEFFIELD– Shakespeares
You can change lives. We all can.
Let’s make the music count.
If you can’t make a gig then please, if you can spare some, post socks/gloves direct to Pauline at:
The Station Hotel,
2 Warrington Street,

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