Solo, but not so….


Last night I was joined on stage by both Rebekah Findlay and Daniel Lucas aka Boss Caine to perform my song ‘Halo’ from the forthcoming ‘THE FUTURE NEEDS US NOW’ album. The gig, at York’s Fulford Arms was top fun start to finish, but this was a highlight and I can’t wait to get this song out there. Dan duets with me and adds some mean pickin’, while Rebekah provides fiddle and backing vocals. It’s a bit good.

A couple of years ago Dan recorded ‘Ghosts & Drunks’, a song I wrote for him. He NAILS it. You can listen on this link:

Also absolutely made up that Rebekah is to record her own version of my song ‘Standing By My Man’ for her forthcoming album. Originally released on my ‘NEVER BE DEFEATED’ album, the song has been cited by many as their favourite of my compositions and I have to say I think I agree. Rebekah’s solo version is INCREDIBLE. Look out for it as it will break your heart at fifty paces. The original is here:

Two amazing musicians and two people I am proud to call my friends.


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