Corbyn Rally, Hull 30/7/16

Corbyn Rally 3

What can I say. The Corbyn Rally at the Rose Bowl, Queens Gardens, Hull on Saturday 30th July 2016 will surely go down in local folklore as one of the most unforgettable afternoons the city has ever seen. Close to 4000 people came to hear Mr Corbyn speak and it was a pleasure and a privilege to play a part.

I will never forget it.

Corbyn Rally 4

The true spirit of solidarity and unity shone out from the off, and it struck me that much as this leadership contest was triggered by treachery and remains an abhorrent smear on the principles of party democracy, maybe, just maybe, this is EXACTLY what the country needs right now. The fall-out from the EU referendum has been vicious and vindictive, but Mr Corbyn’s calm dedication and resolute determination to fight for the good of EVERYONE is having a unifying effect and far from tearing the party apart is actually bringing the finest hearts and minds together with even more passion, even more conviction, and even more desire to win this fight than before.

Just like everywhere I have seen him speak, Mr Corbyn was treated more like a rock star than a politician. The queues for selfies and autographs are enormous and it must be really exhausting, but he’s there for everyone who asks; a true people’s politician in the finest sense.

Massive thanks to the organisers for an amazing afternoon, but especially to Joe Francis who compered and rose to the occasion beautifully, finding all the right words at all the right times and making the day as much about celebrating his city and the community it supports as it was about Socialism and party politics. A damn fine contribution from a damn fine comrade.

As for me, well, I just did my thing and the crowd were magnificent. I asked them to raise their fists to pay tribute to the 8 men from Hull who volunteered for the International Brigades to fight fascism in Spain 80 years ago. I took three photographs from the stage, and the memory will stay with me always. The sound of their collective voice singing ‘NO PASARAN, NO PASARAN, NO PASARAN TODAY!’ was more like a footie crowd than a gig. It was truly incredible.

Mr Corbyn spoke in Leeds that evening to 3500 people with another 1000 outside unable to get in. You aren’t seeing this on the news because there appears to be a blackout on reporting, but trust me, something is happening here and it is MASSIVE.

Be a part of it, this is history in the making.

Corbyn Rally 10

Corbyn Rally 2

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