We Shall Overcome 2016

We Shall Overcome Tee 2016

We Shall Overcome 2016 runs from- roughly- 1st to the 9th October inclusive. We are furiously working away behind the scenes to make sure those at the sharp end of the government’s ideological warfare on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society (they call it “Austerity”, we call it what it IS) don’t get ignored in a nation searching for its own soul.

As of today we have 148 events confirmed and that number grows daily. For those who don’t know what we do, firstly WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?! If you are playing catch-up then visit our website at:


and read all about us. On there is our up-to-date gig guide:

Gig Listings 2016

and downloadable logos to make your own posters.

WSO Blurred

Just like last year we have teamed up with Philosophy Football to produce a t-shirt designed by Jamie Walman and featuring the radio logo at the top of this blog; and just like last year we are donating 100% of the profits from these shirts to anti-austerity causes. Please buy one and wear it with pride. That shirt is literally helping to change someone’s life. They are available from:


WSO Speaker

This year we are encouraging those of you who run regular music nights such as Folk Clubs and Open Mics to join us for that week. All you have to do is run your regular night just the same as usual only in that week- 1st to 9th October- you make a collection for a local cause helping those suffering most in your community, be that a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, a women’s refuge, a food bank or whatever. Very easy to join us and help create the biggest underground festival of music and politics on the planet.

If you’re in then message me at joesolomusic@hotmail.co.uk OR join our working Facebook group at:


Follow us on Twitter @WeShallWeekend and share us using the hashtag #WSO2016¬†and ‘Like’ us at:


Above all, join in. If you can’t RUN an event then attend one locally or offer your musical services. If there isn’t one locally then START one. We will help in every way we can.

The future is unwritten. Get scribbling.


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