We Shall Overcome: The Movie


Today I met up with Matt Hill and Tony Wright to film the ‘talking heads’ part of the documentary Wayne Sables is making about We Shall Overcome. Shot in the Miner’s Hall in Barnsley, a room where history itself bleeds from the walls, Wayne will add this to the footage sent in from various events over our weekend last year, and will tell the story of how an idea exploded and became an international movement for good.


A trailer for the film will be screened at the ‘WITH BANNERS HELD HIGH’ event in Unity Hall, Wakefield on March 5th, with the documentary following as soon as possible. I will post links on here when I have them.


Great to spend the day with Matt and Tony, only sad part being the absence of Ste Goodall and Jamie Bramwell who couldn’t make it over. Both there in spirit of course.

Looking forward to this.

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