February just doesn’t have enough days…


Pretty hectic run-in as we head toward March and the onset of Spring. Thursday, myself and the other members of the Gang of Five who ran We Shall Overcome- my comrades Matt Hill, Tony Wright, Ste Goodall and Jamie Bramwell- will be in Barnsley filming for the forthcoming documentary telling the story of WSO from its inception to the gigs themselves. Believe it or not, the five of us have never actually been in the same room together, so it will be an emotional day.


After that it’s Topic Folk Club over in Bradford on Thursday 25th when I’ll be joined by Rebekah Findlay on violin and vocals. Anyone who enjoys our collaborations should not miss this gig as we have two 40 minute sets and will be performing pretty much all of them! Get yourselves there.


There’s a late addition to the gig schedule on Saturday 27th when I’ll be playing the Mount Hotel in Scarborough with the mighty Alun Parry and a number of speakers supporting the BFAWU, the Baker’s union, in its campaigning work for better pay and conditions in that sector.

Then March hits. It’s a busy one. But that is another blog altogether…..




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