BBC Look North & A Very Special Gig


On Monday evening BBC Look North ran the above piece on ‘Merry Christmas From Hatfield Main’ and The Hatfield Brigade. Nice to get a bit of telly for the cause, so big thanks to Len Tingle for helping get our message out there.


One glaring error though- and credit where credit is due- the film states we recorded the single at the local Miner’s Welfare. That no longer exists, sadly. We recorded at Stainforth Central Club on Sunday October 30th, and we owe a massive debt of gratitude to Dean and the staff there for making us so welcome and for putting Christmas up for us, only to have to take it all down again and put Halloween up after we’d gone. Thanks Dean, very much appreciated.



Our campaign marches on. Every day is a new adventure….and Friday will be fantastic. Myself and The Brigade have been asked to perform the song at the ASLEF Christmas Dinner just before Jeremy Corbyn addresses the room. This will be both an honour and an absolute pleasure to end the gigging year in such good company. Can’t wait.

More at the weekend….


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