Week 1: One Down, Three To Go


Well, it’s the end of a long week of campaigning, and meself and The Hatfield Brigade are now staring down the barrel of three more. We massively appreciate your patience as you see the same links flying past on your timelines day in day out, and we hope you understand that between now and Christmas we just have that job to do and ask you to bear with us.
So where are we?
Well, it is tough out there. There are plenty of big names and big causes all in the running for #xmasno1 and we are starting from a long way back in that we have no money, no record label, no TV show, no press office, no sympathetic newspaper editors, and no mass audience; BUT, what we do have is an old-fashioned good news story and we have faith in our song.
That will get us so far, and after that we need you guys. We need you to press ‘Like’ on our posts, click on ‘Share’ and maybe type in a few words of encouragement; we need you to retweet things if you’re over on Twitter (I am @joesolomusic the campaign in @Miners4No1 and we also have @HatfieldBrigade ); oh, and please, please, pretty please spend a few pence downloading the song and encouraging your family and friends to do so.
The links are:
and we’re on Spotify too!
Please also share the music video by Michael Lee Toas of MLT Productions on YouTube at:
And the BBC footage from our recording day at:
and if 79p on a download gets you in the mood we are running a JustGiving campaign alongside the single raising money for Shelter at:
We have hit the dizzy heights of No.8 in the I-Tunes Singer Songwriter Top 100, which was exciting while it lasted; we have watched in awe as the click counter on the above video went above 80,000; we have had messages of support from all over the country; we have heard tales from mining communities up and down the land; we have sung at Unity Works Theatre in Wakefield as part of the #StandUpForLabour tour, and we have had 7 wonderful days plotting and scheming and dreaming away…..oh, and the profits from our CD sales have secured a flat for a young homeless couple helped by Pauline Town over in Ashton-under-Lyne.
We have had support from The Mirror:
The Morning Star:
The Prole Star:
and tomorrow, with any luck, Leslie Moore and Mick Lanaghan should be on BBC Radio Sheffield waxing lyrical; AND BBC Look North will hopefully be running the footage shot at the recording and on a visit to DN7 Community Foodbank last Friday.
Everything being equal, we can’t do much more than cross our fingers and hope……oh, and clog up those timelines for three more weeks. Hehe.
One thing is for certain, we will be leaving no stone unturned. Every penny we raise will be used to help those struggling under austerity in #FoodBankBritain, and the UK miners pension scheme, for justice & fair play association alongside We Shall Overcome hope you will help us help others this Christmas.
Thanks everyone 🙂
#Miners4No1 #TheLastMiners #xmasno1 #NoMore #XFactor #TheLastMiners

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