Miner’s Pension Scheme Rally


Cracking day singing in support of the Miner’s Pension Scheme campaign for justice and fair play in Derby Square, Liverpool. No PA so I had to resort to just playing acoustically in the street, something I haven’t done in Liverpool since the April of 91, but I always love to return to my old stomping ground and if au naturelle was good enough for Woody Guthrie, then it’s good enough for me.


It was a great day for speeches, especially ASLEF President Tosh McDonald, a real firebrand and as fine a comrade as you’ll ever meet, who has an incredible knack for weaving the threads together and seeing the bigger picture, reminding us that our various campaigns are all a part of the same struggle and we should never lose sight of our power if we stand strongĀ together.miners-rally-tosh

This is just the start of a campaign dedicated to fighting the government’s blatant robbery of the Miner’s Pensions and I was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Hatfield comrades and miners from up and down this island as we take the first steps down that road.


Top work by Les Moore, Peter Stefanovic and all involved in making the event happen.

….and thanks to Linday Rutland for the pics.

Solidarity forever.


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